Sunday, 16 March 2008

High Hopes

Now, before my readers go into shock... yes I know that I have an exclusive SU blog.... but... my wonderful friend Lou saved me from boredom and sent me some stamped off cute High Hopes stamps. I have seen these on other SBS6 sister blogs and look great ...soooo I thought I would give it a crack and branch outside SU... just for a couple days until I get my new catty and order new SU stamp sets!!! I promise!!!!

My 8yr daughter also had a play... So for this afternoon I was in my craft room (with earplugs) .. 8yr old was in hers stamping...(music blasting) and 5yr old was in her room not stamping... just being louder...(music blasting in competition trying to get one up on her 8yr old sister... oh the harmony of it all..... poor neighbours!! Did I mention that hubby was trying to sleep... he has night shift tonight!


  1. Turned out great Trace. Glad you liked the happy mail!

  2. He is so cute! Great work!

  3. Very cute!! I used to feel guilty about using non-SU stuff, but now I just don't. I just have fun!!! :D

  4. These images are lovely and you've done lovely cards with them - its ok to branch off from SU for a while LOL!!!