Friday, 13 June 2008

Bugs & Kisses

Well I know this card is not my normal style and flare, and I am ashamed to admit that I had to hunt for a card that I haven't posted... Life just gets so darn busy.
I have been busy cutting card for a workshop out of town and any spare time I am scrapbooking. Why are you not seeing this scrapbooking?? because it's not SU. Once I get decent photos of my work I will sneak the odd one here and there on this blog...

Anyway... exciting news... I have met a wonderful lady in town who is going to lend me her husband (at a price... which I will probably have to take out a small loan LOL) and they are going to design me a craft bench that will have cubby holes to hold cardstock etc... and he is going to build it for me... Yah... cant wait. I will post in the future when it is finished.... if you are reading this Maria... no pressure... my readers are kind!!!

New Zealand readers.... Who knew Toni was going to die in Shorty Street??? I havent watched it for a few weeks and had to fight the tears last night when she died!!!!... must fly... its on in 5 mins!


  1. I KNOW!!!!! WHO KNEW! boo hoo.
    Anyway, the cards not that bad, it's quite pretty really!

  2. well i did cry it was suck a shock and i didn't even like toni all that much.

  3. LOL, what a sappy bunch we are!! Had another good bawl after I wrote this post last night after watching the funeral!!!