Monday, 15 September 2008

Bottom of the heap!! Mamma Mia!!!!!!!

Two quick cards, I love the colours in the first card... mind you... any colour goes with Choc. Chip. Second is a Bella card I did ages ago. Sorry not very imaginative this time ..
Have projects coming out my ears... wedding invite samples to sort out for a local, cards to make and cut out for this weekends classes, workshops and now I somehow agreed to make a car for the Grease Lightening dance concert for the end of the year!!! Too many things.. not enough time! Will take some photos over next few days..

Oh and did I forget to mention that I went to see Mamma Mia for the 3rd time yesterday... and also.. guess what is playing in the background... Dancing queen!!! (closet Abba fan!! and never knew it, go figure!!)
"You can dance... you can jive .. having the time of your life Ooh...." Pierce Brosnan is even starting to sound good!!!!

Must fly.. dishes to do, school lunches to make, cards to create and Abba singing to be done!!!!


  1. Great Bella, and yep everything goes with Choc Chip.

  2. So super cute, love the embossed snowflake!!

  3. How cute are these cards? I just love all the Chocolate Chip!!
    You always do such great work Tracy!

  4. Woohoo! Someone else who saw Mama Mia 3 times!! Wasn't it amazing?? I went twice in one day as well - AND when we went at night, we all got up and danced! Sooo much fun. And great to stamp to. Great cards Trace - love your style!