Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Nasty Virus

Yep I havent posted for a while.... trying to get over xmas and along comes a nasty virus that has knocked Bee for a 6!!! High temps, throwing up, sore throat and headache. This picture is her xmas day at 4pm (should have known something was up)... and has gone downhill since.... been to doctors (yeah... just my idea of fun lining up for a 2-3 hour wait.. ) and are now just starting to get her right again in time for new years.
As I type this she has her head over the toilet.. so best I go and do the mummy thing!!! Just wanted you all to know that I am still here!!


  1. poor little thing, hope she comes right soon.

  2. Oh that's no good - hope no one else in the family gets it. Happy New Year Tracy.

  3. Poor thing!! I almost know how she feels, I've been crook the last 10 days, sore throat, ear ache etc.. getting over it now, just gotta shake the cough. Hope she's feeling better soon.