Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Why is it?????

Why is it that when your kids start school they come home with a bag full of school books that you need to cover for them in bratz, furry animals etc, the very same day they receive them.?? And if you don't, ... it's a big saga!!!???..
Guess what I'm doing after tea (not stamping!!).... at least Ive roped mum into it too... might get less air bubbles!


  1. the joys of being a mum - in my day we used wallpaper scraps to cover ours

  2. Very cool layout, love that paper! Hey we used to have to cover our books in wallpaper too.

  3. Ha, I had wallpaper too. Oh those were the
    Beautiful layout, glad you got a pic of your Mum and your girls.

  4. Gorgeous Layout.

    I had wallpaper too. At my kids school they don't have a requirment for the books to be covered. YAY!

  5. I didn't have wallpaper, but I had transparent colours that changed to ugly colours because of the colour of the books. We got a note from the teacher saying we didn't have to have the books back until Monday - nice!

  6. I felt way less pressured this year because I've gone down from four kids needing books covered, to two! yay!

    Love the layout :)