Monday, 11 May 2009

2 Awards in one day!!!

Well today has been great... apart from the cold!!

I was awarded these two awards by Kirsty. It still blows me away when people from anywhere over the ditch leave comments and awards. Crafting people are the most genuine friendly people out there! So thank you for all your lovely comments

I have also featured on Card of the Week by Susanna who lives in Atlanta for my previous post on my scrapbook page. WOW!! Amazing!

Mmm 5 peeps to pass on to...
1 - Viv.. my spending buddy
2 - Denise.. my spending buddy (see a trend??) (these two live too close!!)
3 - Trace.. blogging friend who I got to meet last month
4 - Clare.. my image swapping blogging buddy
5 - And of course Lou - my longest faithful blogging and great mate buddy!

Thats all folks... on to make some cards!!


  1. Aww shucks, thanks for that!

  2. Aww Shucks! Don't know what to say apart from "Ready to spend more?"

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you so much for these.
    Clare x