Thursday, 16 July 2009

Plain and Simple

Yep, see, I can do plain and simple! This page started of being a sketch challenge that Lynne set over at Crafty Tart.... I am not even going to bother putting in the gallery as it doesnt even look like the sketch she set!
I never do layouts of my hubby, so I thought I would go outside my comfort zone and do this page of him and his sister Lucy.

Well wonderful people... I am off first thing in the morning....... bags packed, money stashed in wallet, will try to get something done while away.. yes I cant go without taking my copics with me!!!
So will hopefully post on Monday with news, and candy.. have a great weekend.


  1. What a fab layout Trace - I love the clean lines and simplicity, just beautiful and very eye catching. ENJOY SENZ!

  2. fabulous layout! Your stamping is just gorgeous!! That girl from your last post is just so sweet!

  3. Hi Tracey great to meet you in the flesh - even better than cyber-Tracey - I look forward to seeing all the great things you're upto.

    PSST and why isn't this fabulous layout good enough for the gallery at Crafty Tarts??

  4. Hey Karen... great to meet you too.
    Ohhh the layout turned out nothing like the sketch, so decided not to put into their gallery!! Just me being fussy!

  5. Fussy is right! Put it on ! Hurry up. Poor Richard might think its him you don't want to put on!LOL!