Monday, 28 December 2009

Summery Anya!

Today is "Tracy Day" in this house. It is where I have done 2 loads of dishes, two loads washing, pruned roses, now I am doing what ever I like!!! So I have made this card for the Anyone for Anya challenge. I have a couple of good books to read so I plan on settling down to a nice quiet afternoon.


  1. Ooooh, swap houses! Please?!! We just had a dog fight...well Brodie scaring the bejeezus out of Riley for daring to look at his bone. Poor Riles!

  2. Lovely card! Beautiful flower and I like the bling-bling butterflies!

    Love from AFA?!


  3. A very pretty card, lovely colours. Hope you enjoyed your quiet day.

  4. Hi Lovely card, it has a great retro feel to it, job well done lass! All the best for 2010 Sal xx

  5. This is adorable... your colouring is AWESOME!
    Chub pic is now up for you.