Sunday, 23 May 2010

NZ road trip!

Yesterday was spent 8 hours on the road.. 4 hours to our destination then 4 hours back. The purpose of this trip was to visit an old friend who has a similar cancer to what my father had... his 15 months left has been dramatically shortened.
This is the thoughts I have on this....
Every week day speeds by and I hardly get a chance to look up and take in whats happening around me. The months are getting faster as are the years (is this a sign of getting older?) Yesterday was time to sit back and enjoy our country side and look at the changing colours of the trees as they get ready to drop their leaves. To take in the fresh country air and reflect on maybe, just maybe... slowing down a bit.......


  1. Cool photos! It was really nice of you to go see him...very sad....

  2. Wow I love this landscape.
    I was last year in New Zealand. It was simply wonderful and I miss it!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I think we all need to stop and reflect on what is going on around us once in a while.

  4. Gorgeous, breathtaking scenery. I'm so sorry about your friend. Will keep him in my prayers.