Sunday, 29 July 2012

My girls!

Hello.. I have been busy doing some cards for an up coming catalouge, so have nothing to show for my weekend off!!! but I do have a couple photos I want to share.. first is of Cam.. the day after a swim meet.... must have knackered her out.. this was taken at 9.30 the next day... fast asleep! I love this photo of her... makes me realise how much my baby has grown.
Second photo is of Bee at a Samsung roadshow on the Olympics... she said she won a swimming medal.. mmmm maybe I will get two swimmers in the family!

Sorry about the non related craft post, but wanted to show my babies instead!


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  2. Lovely pictures of your girls. Hugs, marion

  3. Lovely to see your girls - and who knows in a few more years she just might be wearing that medal for real!

  4. Thanks for sharing your girls! They do grow up so quickly and I find when I see them sleep that they are just as they were when they were little. Soft and sweet and precious!