Sunday, 7 October 2012

Puppy sitting Bella

Ok, so who knew puppy sitting is such a time waster... in a good way! I have done nothing this weekend apart from run around for this little madam.... and loved it... now that she has settled down and those AA batteries up her backside are running out. Phew talk about full on.... second night tonight and then her mum is coming to pick her up at 6.30am on her way home from work.... after getting over the initial shock of having a puppy in the house, I am getting quite used to the idea that santa might bring one... watch this space!

 Here's Cameron.. not impressed with puppy teeth while trying to watch TV

And Bee - with her new best friend!

Hopefully she comes back for use to puppy sit again soon!


  1. SOOOOOOO cute and I am not a great lover of dogs more a cat woman lol

  2. OMGoodness - what an absolute cutie. Gorgeous. Looks just like a little teddy bear xxxxx