Saturday, 9 August 2008

Colour Throwdown

Wow, on to week 5 already for Colour Throw Down Challenge. What fun it's been. This week I have used Scribble This, Baroque Mofits and occasional greetings.

The second card I did for the same challenge is using a Bella stamp. This card is winging its way to demo in NP, whom I have been told has a real show fetish!!!


  1. Too cute! I have been dying to participate in this challenge!!

  2. Ummmmm, that would be ME!!! You sooo made my day Trace - the card is AMAZING, and yep, I admit a little shoe fettish - in excess of 60 pairs, and I'm still tempted every time I pass a shoe shop. But hey, you're never too fat or thin for your shoes. That's what I love!
    Thanks Tracey - you are so sweet!