Friday, 15 August 2008


Yes I know I have been MIA. I have been living a double life at the moment and it doesn't involve stamping. By day I have been sitting with my dad who is in ICU - critical. And by night I am trying hold it together for my kids. Things arent good and I feel like I need all my energy's focused on him. I will have the occasional card to post but not nearly as often as normal.
I think this card is a nice one to say thank you to all those wonderful people out there who have rung and emailed me. Unfortunatley my classes are on hold at the moment, but I will return to them once life turns to normal again.


  1. Sorry to hear I've been having trials & tribulations with sick family members & friends & it's just so draining. I hope all goes well for your dad!


  2. Hi, hope you got through the day ok and that you're Dad alright. it was lovely to finally meet you. I'm working again Sunday night so will check in on your Dad again then.
    Take care and look after yourself

  3. Hi Tracey - so sorry to hear your Dad's so sick. I'm so very impressed that you can even think about stamping right now. You take care of yourself, as well as caring for your Dad, and I wish you all the best. I'm up by the hospital, so txt/ph me if you need a good coffee brought up, or to get out for a bit!
    Take care

  4. Oh Tracy ~ I am so very sorry! I was missing you, but I thought it was just life. Nothing serious!
    Prayers are going up to you and your family.