Saturday, 1 November 2008

A gift for???? Class

Hey guys, its the weekend.... yeah!!
Thought I would post the class I am doing next weekend. Perfect for .. teacher, babysitter, neighbour, workmate, friend... and the list goes on. What do you get in it???
Bar chocolate
Jar of jaffas
Mug with chocolate drinks in it
and a styly decorated bag.

If you think you would enjoy this class then flick me a email, I have only a few places left.

And onto other news. As I have started to get other interests that are non SU.. I have started another blog Crafty Seasons to host any page layouts, 3D items and any other crafty things.. so go check it out!!!!

Anyway.. have great weekend, the girls have got a friend each, so I will be at peace in my craft room.!!!


  1. Very cool gifts Trace, I see you have caved to the call of the 2nd

  2. Ooooh, these are cute!!! I am gonna check out your new blog, too!

  3. These look fabulous! I'm sure your class was great - love what you have made!!