Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Horsing Around

Here is a project that I did a while back, I had and still have a love for horses. The first picture is of the first horse I used to exercise "prince", second one is of my brother and prince.
Third pic is my when I used to be a trackwork rider in racing stables in Te Rapa, with"Blue" (getting ready to load up for NP races). Forth is of me and Marise (she used to be horse mad,,, now she is poodle mad!!), then the last two are of me girls on ponies from last year... (must run in the family!!) Funny thing is that my Hubby is allergic to horses!!! Buggar.
Project is done of mainly SU product.


  1. Wow, the artistry is really good! And I mean that. To come up with that scrap-booking stuff isn't easy!