Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ouch... Discontinued List

I made this box envelope last night to contain some goodies for my great friend and wonderful downline Lou... I am hooked on these little pouches, they are fun, fast and effective to do,, and best of all they take little time to create.
So Lou.. its in the post!

On to the exciting/bad news (which everway you look at it).. The discontinued list is out..., now I know its supposed to be exciting, but when 37 out of your personal 62 stamp sets have been wiped from the catty.. it hurts!! No way about it... it can be a harsh costly reality about being a demo. But on the plus side... there must be a crap load of cool exciting new stamp sets coming our way!!!


  1. Ohhhh!!!! Yay for me!!! Can't wait, will be checking the post EVERYDAY and possibly stalking Too!lol. Thanks Trace!

  2. That's very cute! Great job Trace!