Monday, 9 March 2009

Silence is golden!!

Yep.. here that???? Nope neither can I... DH has taken the girls on a bike ride, I have baked 4 slices for the tins, cleaned the house and now its time to stamp!!! but first I wanted to share this pic with you all....

Now if there was a medal for first time mums who are relaxed with their bubs.. it would go to my friend Jamie, and whats even better... it rubs off on her little boy.
This little man is the most layed back , easy going baby I have ever seen... and he's not even 3 months yet. ... The girls loved him.. as soon as I said we were heading out to see him... they were in the car waiting for 20 mins before I was ready!!! Cameron loved holding him, I'm sure she adopt him if she could!!! She's already talking about being his babysitter!!!


  1. You better watch out, she might snatch a baby to bring home and hide in her bedroom. Hazel did that with a chicken! Wanted to keep it a secret!LOL!

  2. Nope... no chance of that.. she has too much rubbish under there!!!