Monday, 5 November 2012

Introducing Miz Molly!

Hello!!! So excited to share this news with my bloggy friends... Look who is going to rule the roost at our place!! Yep this stunning little girl. (I know Chris her breeder wont mind me stealing this photo from her blog)...... I have pulled the wool over Bailee's eyes and told her that my friend Viv wanted another puppy . and Bee could choose for her.. then I told her that Viv would let her choose a name!!!! Our little bundle will arrive on the 16th as an extra early Christmas pressie... CANT WAIT to see Bee's face!


  1. She's absolutely adorable, so can easely wind somebody around her finger :), take good care of this little precious. Hugs, Mairon

  2. So adorable! I just love little dogs. She will bring you many years of happiness. Hugs, Robin

  3. Oh my! What a goregeous wee soul. Bet young Molly has fun running round with all the poodles that you know!

  4. I don't mind AT ALL that you put her photo on your blog!
    I think it's cool... she can WOW all your readers... lol!

    I am so happy she is going to have a lovely new family and I am TOTALLY sure Bailee is going to fall in love with her within seconds. *smiles*

  5. What a cutie! She is so sweet and tiny she looks like a little toy - bet you soon know you have her though!! Wish you every joy and happiness with your little treasure!