Sunday, 11 January 2009

Blog Candy

Want some blog candy??? These cute Maya Road Accordion Books have been sitting in my craft room for a while now and its time to have a cleanout.

The rules... simple...

1-leave a comment.. every comment in the next 4 weeks will go into a hat and one of my trusty daughters will pull a name out every Friday night.. the more comments the more chances!!...

2-Spread the word about my candy on your blog

I know its early but heres an Easter card I made last night

Editors Note:
If you have a blog dont forget to leave a link back here for blog candy!!!!


  1. Gotta get in first and leave a comment. This rabbit is just so cute!!!

  2. Very cute wabbit! You are early for easter but then there are hot cross buns in the supermarkets already!!

  3. This is Adorable!!! Fab idea with the punches, totally cute.

  4. Kylie Leusciatti11 January 2009 at 14:38

    yum yum yum!! first did you say candy!!dont we all LOVE candy!! and the best kind is the crafty kind. and i can smell the hot cross buns already!! there is nothing like being prepared!
    BTW great blog.
    cheers From Kylie, KOJONUP
    Western Australia

  5. Cute Rabbit! I really like your site too and often pop back for inspiration - thanks.

  6. Crikey you are organised, an Easter card already, wow, and its so cute. well done.

  7. LOL an Easter card to go with the hot cross buns I saw at Woolworths about organised!

  8. It's never to early the start thinking about Easter (and chocolate), the Easter Bunny (and chocolate), Eatser Egg Hunts (and chocolate)...

  9. Absolutely love your work. Only just found your blog, but will be back! Can't believe the amount of detail on most of the items.