Saturday, 10 January 2009

The great giveaway!!!!

Don't you just love giving things away??? It is my time to give away three gifts to three lovely ladies, who sent cards when dad died, sent Xmas cards and constantly leave comments on my blog. One is Karen, who hopefully this year at SENZ I might finally get to meet. Second is Trudi who started NZSU, who I finally got to meet while dad was up in ICU.. hopefully we can meet again under happier times next time!! These two ladies have some goodies heading their way. And thirdly my wonderful friend and downline Lou... heading your way babe is 101 pages of 12x12 papers.

Thankyou for all your support over the last few months and the great comments you leave behind.. it's nice to know that somebody visits and I arent rambling to myself!!


  1. wow & a BIG thank you - how exciting, things like this make blogging so worthwhile - knowing you've made someone's day with such a small gesture - but cards can spread MAGIC

  2. Ohhhhh. Thanks Sweetie!!!! You are a total pleasure to visit!