Thursday, 29 January 2009

I'm Back

Well I walked in the door about two hours ago...
Whangaparaoa was beautiful, Shakespeare YMCA where we all stayed was definatly not for the light hearted... mozzies at night, spiders in doorway (four I counted) yucky plastic matresses that stick to you cause its so hot, and a room mate that snores louder than any male I know!!! I can ruff it with the best of them, but this just ended up being sleep deprivation at its max!!
As for the conference, we had a lovely lady over from the states talking about leading panels in sensory tasting, how to deal with panels etc, and also had alot ofr other speakers to listen to. There was a good mixture throughout the industries including Lion Nathan, Wine & Grape Industy Centre, Fonterra, and the list goes on.

Best I go and do some washing, might do some cards tomorrow, have a funeral in the morning, but hopefully will have the afternoon to myself.


  1. Sleep deprivation - no wonder it's used as a form of torture! Nothing like your own bed...

  2. Nothing like sticking to the mattress! Caught up on your sleep yet?