Monday, 13 December 2010

Copic Review for Debs Creation

I am sitting here at 20 thousand feet above the ground looking down at clouds coloured in C0, C1, C2 and a light colour blue sky B000. Yep that's the case of reality... my world is a copic world, like a Technicolour dream coat! And how did I come to this conclusion you ask? Well Deb from Deb's Creations has asked me to do a copic review.

Was I asked because I have a love affair with these pens and rarely use any other medium? Or was it because if I see a colour and think its pretty I immediately match it to an alpha and numbers!

In saying this I am not going to bore you silly with the facts that you can get yourself online anyway (yes I did do a little research and there are hundreds to choose from). But I will give you an insight to what colours I like to use and 4 very useful things to remember (not quite what Deb asked for.. but what the heck!!)

I have coloured one of Deb's own exclusive images Ally ….. here we go...

SKIN: I always like to use E00, E01, E02 and R20

HAIR: Generally, skin and hair get done first and seem to always stick to the Blondie browns, not intentional, just habit... boring I know!!! These two colours make it easy to shade together

GENERAL:... Well I'm not going to bore you silly... I have taken photos of the pens I have used... But I must add that my all time fav green combo is YG21, YG23, YG25.. no I didn't use them here this time...(which is rather amazing in itself!!)

And a closer look to see if I have gone out the line!!!!

And here is the final result......

So I hope you enjoyed that! Not really what Deb had in mind I'm guessing. LOL.
Lastly I wanted to add 4 things to remember (only because I couldn't think of any more!!!)

1 -Don't feel disheartened if the first time you use your copics you feel your blending sucks, with practise and time you will be a blending pro in no time.

2 – Don't panic if you have coloured everything to perfection and on the last perfect stroke..... opps... your kids come along (or fur babies) and knock your hand.... (buggar)... but guess what... that's why God made the lovely copic people invent the “colourless blender pen”... yep it pushes those colours right back into the lines...(mmmm wouldn't it be fantastic if the blender pen worked on wrinkles!!!)

3 – Had a bad day at work???? Copics are your new best friend.. they will calm you down, distress, and by the time you have finished your image, your breathing will be back to normal.

4 – And the best thing of all …... drum roll..... copics are alcohol based, so they are totally cholesterol free!!!!

So that is it people... my review. Why wouldn't you want to buy copics? Yes they are a bit pricey, but trust me when I say you won't be disappointed, and for all you ladies that already have copics (what are you still reading for???), has anyone ever told you that copics get lonely??? well they do... so best you get a few more!!!!


  1. Hahaha! Mine'll never get lonely!

    Oh, and don't forget, they're refillable too! Bargain!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, and the skin colours you use, I always find what everyone else uses intresting, I use e00 but wouldnt have thought of using the fruit pink. Joey.x

  3. Awesome tutorial thanks and gorgeous creation too.
    Sue xo