Thursday, 30 December 2010


Once again I have dusted of my Distress inks.. yes my poor copic babies are feeling neglected! This image is from Tickled Pink .. it so reminds me of my tween.... 11 going on 18.. from the skinniness to the blonde hair and the not too impressed face. Anyway... I just did this card for fun.. no challenges.... hope you like!


  1. Looks like the "just broke up" face to me... :D Distress Inks are working for you!

  2. Love this! I looooove the flower arrangement and she looks gorgeous! I am with you! I have an 11 year old going 18 and this is the face she makes when she doesn't get her way, lol!

    Hugs Kellie

  3. Hi tracy such an amazingly gorgeous card.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a happy 1.1.11 Hugs Chris xx

  4. Tweens do the coolest scowls I reckon! Haha! Love the colours on this Trace.