Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Boarder Control!!!

Who in NZ watches Boarder Control? The girls and I watch it every Monday and see all those packages that get xrayed and if it looks suspect then gets opened for inspection!!
Well, my package arrived today from Wild Orchid crafts.... and guess what... it had a strip across it with "MAF- Officially opened by MAF biosecurity New Zealand"! I was so excited, I had to show the girls and explain to them that this is what happens to all those packages on TV! Even they were impressed that paper flowers and stick on pearls had been looked at!
I know... I need to get a life!... but do you like my new stash????


  1. Okay, so they are busy looking at crafting supplies while the drugs slide on through! Good story!

  2. If I worked for Border Control, Border Patrol, whatever it's called...I'd be inspecting your packages, too. You look a little shady to me. Heehee!!!

    Seriously - LOVE your loot!!!

  3. So maybe it was someone at Customs who scrapbooks/card makes lol...wonder what they do when boxes of Prima arrive???

  4. So how many "samples" did they remove? You big spender you!!!!!

  5. Wow you lucky girl, you sure gonna have fun, can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Sue x

  6. Bahahahaha how funny is that. I watch Boarder Control too - we get it here too. I love it. I have had a package be inspected by customs but it was hot cocoa packs that were examined not flowers.