Sunday 27 July 2008

Simply Said

Here's my take on the color throwdown challenge. Infact I liked it that much I did two cards.. although I am still not happy with the second card.

The last card was a RAK card sent by Viv, Thanks Viv.. my class ladies are putting me to shame, so I think for the next week I am going to be playing with my new stamp sets out of the mini catty that I still have not inked up (shame on me), and send out a truck load of RAK's.

Saturday 26 July 2008

Bee's first snow experience!!!

What does a 5yr old do when it is snowing up the mountain??? taste it of course!!!.. What a day... went to the beach first to have a look then up the mountain... glad I stayed home toasty and warm!!

Bronc Buster

Lucky for me I had downloaded this photo a few days ago... I have done the color challenge over at Color Throwdown, but my hubby has taken our guests around the coast and up the mountain and decided to take the camera...
For those of you that live outside NZ.. we have a weather warning for storms and it is freeeeezzzzing outside...! Good luck to them I say while I sit in front of a roaring fire..

Also... I might not post for a few days as I have been commissioned to do a mosaic for a lady who has just built a brand new house and wants a tall skinny mosaic outside to go on house right next to front door!! Nothing like a bit of pressure ha!!

So best I go and do this moasic and earn some extra cash for SENZ coming up!!

Thursday 24 July 2008

Designer Paper

Here is a little project that I did the other night using new Stampin' Up! paper... if you want to know more flick me an email.

Been told we are having fish and chips for tea... yip hee, so I am off to do my "color throwdown" challenge.. See you later.

Wednesday 23 July 2008


Two wonderful cards from two very talented ladies.

First one from Lou.

Second from Sharlene.

Thanks ladies.

I have my sister inlaw and neice from Aussie here for the week... so posting may far and few between, but will try my best.

Monday 21 July 2008

Spring Solitude

Heres a bag filled with matching cards I did for a hostess last month. She loved it..(breathe a sigh of relieve).
Now that I have PC up and running at proper speed (kids downloaded a 3G program!!!! slowed the whole thing down to dial up)... I just came home from taking Cameron to dancing practice.. jumped on pc and guess what... screen is pink??!!??... Really really hard on the eyes!!!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Drum roll please.....

Explosion cards Rak's were pick out by trusty daughters...
Bailee picked out Louise
Cameron picked out LeAnne...

Ladies your cards on on their way!

Loads of Love / Spring Solitude

Here is my first attempt at a bryered sky (sorry about spelling) Still trying to decide if I like it, not really enough work done on it for my style I think.

Saturday 19 July 2008

Oh So Lovely

Here are a couple cards I did a while back, they were quick and easy only took about 5 minutes each.

Another dreary day today, I have set up for Christmas class today and now I am off to try and clean my stamp room and maybe then I will get more inspiration.
Have a great weekend

Friday 18 July 2008

Seaside Sketches / Color Throwdown Challenge

Here is the second challenge from Color Throwdown.
I have a few other cards to download but need to finish of some chocolate mousse and choc eclairs for my dads BD tonight. Will hopefully download tomorrow.

Thursday 17 July 2008

Scratch and Sniff card / box

Morning all. Here are the S&S projects we will be making on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd August. There are a few places left so email me if you would like to join in. 1st is all booked out.

It's a dreary day today, Cam has dance practice for her dancing exam coming up this morning, then doing lunch with friends, then hopefully I will be in the stamp room for the rest of the day!

Don't forget, if you haven't picked up the new Mini Catty from me yet, there are still some left.

Hope you are enjoying the school break.

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Season of Joy

Quick post. Been to NP shopping today. Just had hot chocolate, ready to sleep.
Will try to post tomorrow, but my social calender is pretty full with going out to lunch AGAIN!!!!

Take Care

Monday 14 July 2008

Season of Joy

Here is my first card for the new Spring Mini.
I love this set, mind you I like 90% of what is in the mini.

On today to do list...
Go for walk - done
Change beds - done
Do washing - doing
Post card on blog - done
Makes more card - itching to do!!!!!

Precious time is a wasting.. see you later.

Sunday 13 July 2008

Bugs and Kisses / Scribble This / Color Throwdown Challenge

This is the first weekly color challenge for "Color Throwdown" site. I love color challenges, so I will try my best to keep up and do every challenge.

These colors were chosen by the very talented LeAnne. Cant wait to see whats next.

Friday 11 July 2008

Explosion card

WOW, how cool are these??? I had sooo much fun doing them that these are a green light for a class. Of course they use all SU product......
Now for the fun part, do you want to see one of these cards in person??? All you have to do is leave a comment or email me direct and my trusty hubby... or make that daughter! will pull a name out... and yes I will post overseas. SO you will have two chances to win a RAK.
Will pull two names out on Sunday 20th.


Imagine my delight when I came home from work yesterday to find this card in my mailbox.The owl picture swings up to reveal a hidden message. CUTE!

I stalk Joani's blog at least 4 times a week to see what new and what she has been up to... go visit her and see her awesome cards.
Thanks Joani.

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Like it a Latte

And here is my final card of the "bundle" as Trudi calls it! I have yet to make a nice little box to go with it, and will be doing the pair in a class,

I used SU Designer Paper and card stock for the Bella card

Hope you all are having a great week.. I have made any cards for the last few days but a cute explosion card that I want to try out... hopefully will have a play this weekend.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Peaceful Wishes

Here's the third card... OK not so flash as the 1st and 2nd card, but still pretty cool.

Monday 7 July 2008

Bodacious Bouquet

Here is the second card I did.I love the richness of the colours in this card. So thats two cards down and two to go... tune in next time... same bat channel, same bat time.... (yes I watched batman yesterday)!!!

Sunday 6 July 2008

Bundle of Joy

I feel like I have my groove back!! I sat in my stamp room last night and produced 4 really nice cards... So here is my first, I love crisp and clean look about it... if you agree that this is a neat card, then you will have to pop back tomorrow and see the second.... mean ah!!!

Friday 4 July 2008

Ahoy Matey / Paper Pesto SB Challenge

Here are a couple cards that I am doing in the "Boys" class. I am ot happy with the one with the boat in it, I think it is to plain for my liking. Yes I do struggle a bit with these as having two girls I tend to do more girly cards

And Paper Pesto have their July challenge out. Here's my take on it, ... go visit them and give it a go.

Thursday 3 July 2008

Festive Favourites

Have three cards to share today.
First is a criss cross card challenge for NZSU. I think these cards are the easiest to make and give that little spin on a normal opening card.

Second is a RAK from a very talented lady that comes to my classes.. thanks Denise, I am always like a big kid when I see there are cards in the mail thats not a bill, and your card I think is amazing.

Third is the secret birthday invites I have made for Cameron's birthday. She is have a sleepover with 5 of her closest friends. Last day of school term tomorrow, so I have sent them out today , so that the kids will get their invites tomorrow or Sat... so they wont be able to tell her about it!!

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Scribble This

I did it!!!! I managed to do a card that had no layering on it!!! Well if you don't count the cut out flowers!!! Plain and simple.

Oh and on another note.. the new mini catty is here, I have a list as long as my arm to order.. but first I need to order all those catty's for you lucky people to drool over like me!!

Must dash, Hubby has man Flu, and I have parent teacher interviews, tea to cook, and other crap jobs before I even get a foot in my stamp room... on a brighter note... I have holiday hours owing me so while the lab is getting new lino down on the floor us Sensory girls have Thursday and Friday off work... yephee... the calm before school holidays!

Sneak peak.. another Bella... cant get enough of these girls!! LOL