Tuesday 21 June 2022

Amazon Journal - SOLD


This Journal measures 21.5 x 14cm and has 3 signatures

Has tucks, tags pockets, hand dyed paper along with some Stamperia paper

email: tracy.rich@xtra.co.nz

Monday 20 June 2022

Sewing Journal - SOLD

 Another one sold and heading out. This girl uses a lot of old sewing patterns brought from Hospice shop.... as always heaps of tags, tucks, bands...

Sunday 19 June 2022

My Journey in Journal making

When I first started this blog I was an avid card maker. Over the years have been lucky enough to be on many design teams and met some amazing people in life and through FB/Blogger.

I now do very little cards due to my disease MOG and how it effects my eyes every time I have a relapse. SO fast forward onto being on one design team for Faith Pocock who have amazing MDF kits. and my own little piece of crafty joy ... making Journals.
Many call them junk journals... I just call them journals due to the fact I tend to use kits and SB paper like stamperia.
I also use vintage lace, dye my own paper with tea, beetroot, basically anything that gives it colour

So all that being said I will mainly put on here for those that still use blogger, Faiths MDF projects and my Journals.... creations as I finish them and for sale..... and the ones that are sold. 
If you are interested in any that haven't been sold then you can email me at 

Below is Red Mushroom Journal - SOLD

Thanks for dropping by 
I will be popping more journals on here over the next week or two


Saturday 18 June 2022

Faith Pocock - Christmas Project

                                             Hello and welcome back Faith Pocock Fans!!

SO its been a while since Ive shared anything. I have been creating, but just as time and eyes allow. I decided to change it up and create this cute Christmas project that has a secret door on the side that you can put choclates... or whatever takes your fancy.... you can find it in Faiths shop.

As always once you have package - take everything out and place pieces together for a "dry" run

Piecing together

Two separate elements - main body and then little scene

Starting in the scene, I coloured with copics

Faith added some snow chunks made from plastic... they are s cool!

Next onto the main body which I followed the same process - used copics, and then for baubles I used dimensional glue

At this stage I got carried away and didnt take photos! But you can see below the finished effect and the secret door

Hope I inspired you all to get started on your Christmas projects
Until next time 
Happy Crafting