Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Bee Arty - Laugh Card

                                                                 Hello Bee Arty Fans

Today I have a short post sharing the last card I made using the cut out from Embrace Change Collection designed by Fiona Paltridge

I picked out some cut outs that I had left over from last two cards

For this card I really wanted to use the butterflies, so wanted them more as my focal point rather than the plants

I choose the background paper and played around with composition.

Once happy I inked edges, picked out a word and glued all down.

I am excited to start my next project. Paige sent me the Road Trip Collection, and straight away I knew I wanted to make a folio with it. Because it will be a rather big project and photo heavy I will split into two posts...

Until next time, stay safe..
Happy crafting

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Faith Pocock - Princess Cabinet

                                                   Good morning Faith Pocock Fans

This for my DT project I have Princess Cabinet from  Faith Pocock Studio 

Below is how it arrived all neatly packed :-)

Bit of a dry run without glue first.

Pulled apart and covered back and shelves with some Tim Holtz paper

Picked out a paint and painted sides crown and front of the doors

Glued together using Art Glitter Adhesive
Because I wanted to store more lace inside I needed to cut some paper and place on each end so the tabs that hold the lace didn't fall out

All done.....

I stamped on door frames to add a bit of interest.

Because I didn't have any screws to screw the hinges on I drilled holes through the MDF and used some matching brads.

Slot edges into holes and glue in.... Place crown on top.... 
And all ready to add lace

Finished project!

Until next time 
Happy Crafting

Friday, 10 September 2021

Tim Holtz Journal cards and tags

 Today is a prefect day to try something I rally struggle with... using Tim Holtz people.... I mean what's the point in crafting then adding some random person onto the tag/journal card??? I still really don't know... but hey at least I can say I've done it!
I have a step by step process below...

First I selected a 12x12 paper that I had no use for.... and glued down random txt from different books

Once I cut into different sized tags and journal cards I inked around the edges

I choose two distress Inks - a brown and a green, transferred ink onto a glass matt and sprayed with a little water

Then dabbed surface of tags onto wet ink
Leave to dry...

Once completely dry, I used the same coloured inks to stencil with

This was my background all done... Next I placed torn paper, labels, even stamped some numbers on... before adding the paper dolls.
Finally to finish off I sewed around the edges

Glad I have made these. They will all end up in one of my hand made journals that I sell

Until next time
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Bee Arty - Embrace Change Part 2

                                                                Hello Bee Arty Fans

As promised from last post I mentioned I would make 3 cards, using the cut out from Embrace Change Collection designed y Fiona Paltridge

I had already pre cut images when I made first card.
I always do this and then put any extras in a snap lock bag, and label it so I don't loose any pieces.

I then play around until I find a layout that I'm happy with. 
Using layers always seem to make me happy

I  inked all the edges so they didn't stand out and found a word that I wanted

Happy, I then glued everything down using Art Glitter Adhesive,.

Still in lockdown over here. I thought I would have a heap of time to create, but in reality I have just about no time as I'm busy updating paperwork for work
Luckily I have one more card in the wings, to give me time to think about which collection I want to play with next

Until next time, stay safe..
Happy crafting

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Bee Arty - Embrace Change

Hello Bee Arty Fans

Luckily my DT parcel arrived late last night filled with new collections that I haven't yet had a chance to play with... And I say luckily because we now have delta covid on our New Zealand shores and have gone into snap lockdown, and this parcel arrived in the nick of time considering I had nothing left! LOL

So over the next few posts I do I will be doing 3 cards using the cut out from Embrace Change Collection designed y Fiona Paltridge

I sat down and cut all the pieces out

I then picked out the background called Spice I was going to use for all 3 cards, - I then put two aside for a later date so I could finish the first card

I picked out the fern like greenery and butterfly, but felt like it needed bit more so hand tore the left over paper then inked the edges

Placed and glued them down using Art Glitter Adhesive

Glued down the butterfly, and picked out a word from Poetry which I wanted to use, inked all edges and mounted onto a white card

The longest part of the whole card is to fussy cut the images. But when you have sore eyes and are giving them a break from colouring or aren't confident in colouring, this is the perfect solution.

I going to work on the next couple cards during lockdown..

Until next time, stay safe..
Happy crafting

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Faith Pocock - Sewing Themed Box

                                                     Good morning Faith Pocock Fans

Not sure if I have told you... but I brought a sewing machine!!! AND I was going to do this project to keep my cottens in... but as we all know I tend to go overboard in everything I buy.... so they dont all fit... HOWEVER, I asked Faith if she could cut some tabs that I could wind some lace on so I could then store them in this Sewing Themed box from  Faith Pocock Studio 

It was a pretty easy project to put together, as always - dry run then glue run.

This box comes with a whole lot of little bits and pieces, I choose not to use them, although looking at them now I may at a later stage ad some cotton to the MDF buttons and glue on

Picked out some sewing themed paper from Stamperia

And started gluing and sealing

The lid just slides in to each little eyelet on each side

I choose not to paint the inside as didn't want any smell to taint the lace. Not sure it would, but didn't want to risk it

And here are the tabs I got Faith to make. I got 100 made... and are slightly embarrassed to say I have used every single one!!! Lace hoarder!

I added some tissue to outside of removable lid and used distress ink to age it slightly

Finished project!

Until next time 
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Bee Arty - Spread your Wings

                                                                   Hello Bee Arty Friends

Today I am showing you what I have left over from Spread your wings collection and two projects using it all up

These papers are just about run out so jump on over and grab the last lot of paper or the bundle deal before they go out the door

Below is the leftovers I keep in a bag, I spread them out and form an idea... card and tag

Select any dies or stamps you may wish to use... I plan on using Unwind Stamp set,  Say it Stamp set and Honeycomb Die

Cut my basem stamped my flowers and fussy cut them out, and picked a darker scrap for the Honeycomb die

Arranged them then started gluing. I use normal Uhu glue for anything like the die, but everything else is glued down with Art Glitter Glue

Next onto the matching tag - following the ams process I formed an idea

And started layering

This is the end result - soft colours - lots of layers. Looks like it would take a while to make but in reality the longest part was getting out he cuttlebug!

Until next time
Happy crafting