Monday 31 December 2007

Acetate Box - Chocolates anyone??

I had a thought during the night...scary... about doing an acetate box. What's even sadder about thinking about this box and not sleeping, is that I had to race out after making this beauty and buy some chocolates to fill it!!!.

I know its hard to see from a picture, but the flower image has been embossed with clear and SU glitter.

Sunday 30 December 2007

Donut cards

Here are two Donut Cards that I knocked up yesterday in between helping the girls with their cards.

Fast, simple and really effective... just the sort of card I like doing!!.

I was hoping to do a few more cards today, but... and there is always a but!, I have a family BBQ to organise. Although, New years Day and the next day are all mine!!! so keep an eye out for more cards to come!!!

Saturday 29 December 2007

Summer by the Sea

I had always wanted this stamp set, and when I got it I never used it. I love coloring and shading, it brings the kid out in me.!!!

My kids are at my side wanting to make cards, so better make them happy, might even have a few more creations to show you after today.

Tagged by Hope

Well I have just been tagged by Hope.

. So now you have to sit through another 7 facts about myself, please try not to nod off!! LOL.
1 - I love watching Gorden Ramsey cooking shows
2 - I love watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows.
3 - Surprise surprise, I can cook!!!!
4 - Favorite holiday destination - Fiji
5 - My little family outing every Sunday morning - Mum and Dads for a seriously good coffee and whatever homemade treats she has made to go with it.
6 - I have two burmese cats - would have more if I could!!
7 - Have climbed to the top of Mount Taranaki.

Now on to the better bit... heres 7 people I have tagged.... Lou, Bree, Melanie, Tara, Joani, Sharlene, Annie

Friday 28 December 2007

Quick and easy cards

Christmas decorations are packed away, craft room slightly more tidier! Time for a couple of quick cards, (and I mean quick!! LOL)

Amazing... you here nothing from me for a week and then blog posts two days running. I even made a card today at work, (in my lunch break of course), which I really liked, I will download picture tomorrow and post.

For those of you that have asked, I will start making dates for classes next week, so the first Newsletter for 2008 will be out soon with details.

Have a great weekend
Take care

Thursday 27 December 2007

Double Slider Card

I managed to get another double slider under my belt before I pick the two of the best to do in a class. I'm not that keen on doing these cards, and I'm not really sure that I even like this card... there is too much white space on the front of this card. Oh well I will put this disaster behind me and move on to better (hopefully LOL) things!!!
I have nothing planned this weekend except stamping with the girls (Cameron got from santa a Simply Sent kit for xmas), so her, me and Bailee will be having a bit of girl power fun!!! (Well at least until they start fighting and driving me nuts... should be, shall we say ummm 5 mins into it!!! LOL) Oh well at least I try to be peace maker!!!

Pocket Notes

I was surprised at how long it has been since my last post. Sorry folks, I do try to keep it updated, I am fighting for the PC at the moment as everyone got MP3 or IPODS for Christmas, so everyone is frantically loading on music.
I had a play the other day with these little Pocket Notes, they are quick and easy for those of you that haven't much time to do a card, but still want a little "of you" added to pressie.
You can purchase these little notes in the Summer Mini for $22.50 (30 per pkg), and you also get little envelopes to go with them. Tooo Cute!!!

Tuesday 18 December 2007

OK, I give in!!! Here are 10 random's for the SBS6

1 - I am a sensory cheese taster.
2 - Despite I taste cheese everyday... I still like cheese.. just a little more selective than other people!
3 - Daughter no. 1 - Cameron the ballerina princess 8yrs who at this age even cries during a cartoon movie!!! A real softy.
4 - Daughter no. 2 Bailee, or Bee for short. 5yrs - Rottweiler in nature, picks on her older sister and have only just 1/2 hour ago read her last school report "Loud and boisterous", although to be fair... I did warn her teacher!!!
5 - Have been card making for a few years, scrap booking for a few months. Totally addicted.
6 - Getting hair cut and colored tomorrow, hubby wants me to go blonde - so I will go dark. LOL
7 - I used to ride racehorses for a living when I left school
8 - I got married in Fiji, and plan on taking the girls there next year.
9 - Mmmm this is hard, how interesting can one person be???
10 - As organised as I like to be... my craft room is a mess again and I still haven't finished of the Christmas shopping!!!

Thats all folks!!!

Sunday 16 December 2007

Christmas - Loads of Love

This was my last class for 2007. We made a card, explosion box and I made up treat bags with fudge and chocolates to go in boxes. I called the class "Teacher appreciation". So as you can imagine there will be a few of the South Taranaki teachers getting these treats.!!

Now I have some "me" time... I will sort out a time table for classes next year, so if you are keen on finding out what I have in store for next year and are not on my emailing list for my monthly newsletter which has dates and times, flick me an email and I will add you to the list.

Saturday 15 December 2007

Altered Paint Tin

Here is my first attempt at an altered paint tin. I think it turned out OK but was not really one of my fav. things to do. And as a word of warning to all those who have been playing with the idea of doing a project like this.... make sure your lid is the right way on... yes you guessed it I altered the underside of the lid.!!! LOL . O-well you can't win them all!!!

Im' off to lunch now with my three girls (yes I adopted Marise's girl for the day while she goes santa shopping) , and meeting up with Jamie who I haven't seen since she got back home from America visiting her family...
Take care.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Quick cards

I have found my "new Favorite" stamp set!!! I just can't get enough of it!! My mojo is running strong this month, I have another project on the go and should be finished in a few days. So keep a look out.

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Time Well Spent

It really was "time well spent"!!! doing this card. This is a stamp set that was given to all Stampin Up Demonstrators as an appreciation gift. It arrived yesterday in the post and I couldn't get the kids feed and in bed fast enough so I could have a play!!! LOL. I knew as soon as I opened it that I was going to use orange and chocolate.

Monday 10 December 2007

Mini Pocket Notes

Ever want a quick card to do and can't be bothered getting everything out... well here's a great solution!! Pocket cards. They come in Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla or Pretty in Pink. I used Best Bar Codes Stamp Set on them and it would have taken me about 10 minutes to stamp both and put together.

File Folder Card

After my first attempt... which I ended up throwing in the rubbish with disgust, I tried again and this was the outcome. My first File Folder Card. I used Designer Series Loves Me Paper, and Carte Postale Stamp Set both out of the Summer Mini.

Sunday 9 December 2007

Christmas school treat bags

Today is so humid and muggy outside so I decided to stay inside and do little treat bags for the girls' to take to school while the weeds grow!!. They were only to eager to help, and I don't just mean the stamping... they also had fun sampling the chocolate almonds and Cadbury Roses.
Stamp Sets used were Snowflake Spot and Take Three.

Saturday 8 December 2007

Christmas cards!!!

I have finally managed to knock up a few Christmas cards. I had jokingly said to a few of my friends that they will be receiving Warehouse cards, but I don't think they would let me live that one down!!! Even my hubby had a dig at me the other day saying..."You have a room full of card stock, stamps and gadgets, and you show people how to make nice cards, yet you cant make any cards for Christmas to send away!!!"... As you can imagine... I stated in one of the last posts... I see this as a challenge if my hubby says anything!!!!.
On a different note... has anyone got any suggestions on how to stop my Burmese cats from ripping up my furniture????.. And as I typed this very plea.. I just stopped typing picked up the nearest object (an apple) and hurtled it towards one of the suspects sharpening his claws. Little Miss5 says "Good one mum" LOL

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Gift Boxes

I'm on a roll, you see ... I am trying again to tidy up my craft room, and the only way I can figure out how to do that is stamp some more and eventually I will find those things that are lost, then maybe I can put them away in their correct place.! Huh... don't like my chances LOL.

Here are some little gift boxes I covered with various Stampin Up designer series paper and stamps. If you want to know any information, flick me an email.

Monday 3 December 2007

Card winners

I have had the most bizarre afternoon... My girls dance teacher Michelle Glover, decided she was giving the class a break from exam work and taught them how to do "Night Fever".... yes John Travolta comes to mind... as if this wasn't funny enough,,, she then decides to get the parents (most too scared to say no to Michelle) up and dancing the moves too!!! I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed it!.
Also, if you could hear the singing in the background.... I am sure you would get off this blog! Bee has had "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus" on for the last hour, re-running and singing at the top of her voice! Lucky the dogs around here must be tone deaf as the aren't howling YET!!!!

Onto these cards, I ran a little comp. a while ago and there were 3 winners, these two cards were entered by my very talented cousin Marise. Card making definitely runs in the family! Trace M and Trace St were also winners but I have already given theirs back otherwise they would have featured too).

Well must fly, stamping to do, boxes to finish.
Take Care

Thursday 29 November 2007

Pocket Fun

Well here is a change of creating for me. My Hubby made the unfortunate comment that I don't do bright kids cards... so I took on that challenge!!! and used the only... yes I said only kids stamps that I have got. It wasn't intentional not to get any of these types of stamps, and I did have fun doing this card... so I guess the moral of the story is to go outside your comfort zone... and for me... make sure I get a few more kids stamps!!!!

Until next time, have a great weekend....

Thursday 22 November 2007

Triple explosion box

What fun this was to do... I am marking this one down in my calander for a new class group next year called "Off the page club". If you want to know more about this little club email me for more info. This box is sure to be a winner with scrapbookers.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Christmas card from America

Wow, what a great card I received today from LeAnne. She is a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator from the other side of the world (and very talented I must say). I even took the card into work today to show it off to the girls. Amazing how you can meet people through computers and blogs! I hope she starts her own blog up soon... I will be sure to share it when she does!

Meanwhile... what have I been doing??? I have attempted my very first triple explosion box... and I must say even I am impressed... (and I don't normally say that!!) I just have to add the finishing touches to it, then its completed. (Has taken 3 days). I promise that I will take a picture and put on blog.

Take care

Sunday 18 November 2007

Carte Postale / Floral Background

This would have to be my favorite I have done today. I used two background stamps, first the Floral then with white I used Cheesecloth. This gave the card a more old cracked porcelain look. I also used the Cheesecloth inside the card to finish it off.

Well back to work for me tomorrow. So must go and do all the not so fun things like, get tea done, pack kids lunch, etc... hopefully put my feet up and have a little R&R at the end of the night.
Have a great week.

French Flaire / Carte Postale

Loved getting out the heat gun today. Haven't played with it in a long time. I really like how this card turned out, it has a simple elegance to it. (didn't take long to do either which is always a bonus!!!)

I think I am going to have a lot of fun playing with my new stamp sets out of the new Summer Mini.... Keep watching... I'm sure I will have more to post.!

Holiday Spirit

Well I finally got my mojo back. Yeeha!!! Such a wonderful summer day today I managed to finish of the painting outside, pull a few weeds and do a few cards. Getting into the Christmas spirit I had to start of with a Christmas card.. quick and easy. The post above is the other two cards I played around with.

Saturday 17 November 2007

Oh - No... it's Scribble This AGAIN!!!!

Hi everyone. I haven't been blogging for a few days, just haven't had the urge, call it a creative block if you like!!! (I call it "on holiday mode"!)

Anyway, enough excuses, I have managed to do another layout of the girls using Scribble This set (again). I just can't get enough of this set.... if anyone hasn't got this set I highly recommend it, it would have to be one of my favorites. Even if you are just starting out in stamping/scrap booking, it would be a good investment. And just a reminder, you only have till the end on the month to purchase this set then it is making way for the new stamp sets in the Summer Mini.
I wasn't going to put this layout on the blog, I thought it was too wish-washy (bit of this bit of that), but it got the nod from the class ladies that were here tonight... so here it is.

A big hello to Lou, my Stampin Up buddy who I caught up with at the Palmerston North Training on Thursday night. What a long night it was, but well worth it seeing Lou and meeting her mum.

Monday 12 November 2007

French Flair

Hello again. Finally had time to play with my new stamp sets from the Summer Mini catty. I decided to do an acetate card for this awesome background stamp (French Flair) and finished card of with a few stamps from Carte Postale. I think it needs something else? What do all you in blogger land reckon?? I really enjoyed my 3 days off last week, and are taking Wed, Thurs, and Friday off this week to paint, stamp and maybe tidy my stamp room which is messy again... ah well thats what happens when you always have work in progress. I am setting myself a target of entering a new card every two days, so check back again and see whats new.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Beach Layout

Hello again, here's my beach babe girls! I swear they would live at the beach 24/7!!! Not much card making happening in my house at the moment! I have just had 199 photos developed!
On the agenda today - Paint wall, Bee's party (as stated in previous post). I will however attempt to do some cards tomorrow with my new stamps out of the Summer mini catty... watch this space!

Double layout

Hello, happy Saturday. Yes I am here, have just been busy with Bee starting school, planting my garden, and today I have a birthday party to organise. I did however have my good friend Jamie come in and have a break from farm life and stay the night, we scrapped the whole time, not much talking but alot of creating! this is what I ended up with.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Cameron and Tazzy

I haven't created a card tonight, so thought I'd introduce Tazzy our burmese (well, Cam's Burmese).
We had to put down our cat last year and 4 months ago I decided it was time to bring in some animals to our family. Tazzy (3ys) is an ex breeding queen, very timid to start with but is lovely and smoochy now, even to strangers. She is Cam's pride and joy.

Monday 5 November 2007

In Full Bloom

How amazing is it that people from across the world look at your blogspot.?
Anyway the story behind this card is.... My amazing baby sitter who looks after Bee, won't be having my little one anymore after Tuesday. This wonderful lady has been there for me through sickness, tantrums and tears from the day Bailee turned one.
Anna is one of those special ladies who looks after a few of the local kids at her home and she becomes a very good friend and mentor. I will miss the contact I have with her, but my little girl is now starting school and time stops for no-one. I will keep in contact though, and since she can't bake to save herself (sorry Anna) I will be making an extra special xmas cake for her this year!

Saturday 3 November 2007

Bodacious Bouquet

This stamp set is one I "had to have". I must admit, I haven't used it much, so was nice to get away from the favorites and play with something that is under used! I used the same colours as the previous post plus added in Garden Green.

I better run and feed the family, set up for tomorrows classes then have another look at my clean stamp room!!!!

Until next time

Take Care

Scribble This ... Again!!!!

Yiphee... I cleaned my stamp room today and got all inspired (truth be known... I can now get to all my stamp gear!!!)
After checking out Lou's blog and seeing her neat card using copper embossing powder (you should go check it out), I got all enthused to use my heat gun which had dust on it!! and did some embossing myself.

I love these colours together - Chocolate Chip, Cool Caribbean, and once again... I cant get away from this stamp set!

Friday 2 November 2007

All In The Family

Help us honour our friend and Australia General Manager, Dave Abbott. Dave passed away from a rare blood disease, and during November we're donating 100 percent of the sales worldwide from the All in the Family stamp set to the Dave Abbott Family Fund.
Available 1 November – 30 November

Just in Thyme Promo

More great designer paper series. Just in time for the holidays.
You can purchase exclusive double-sided Holiday Thyme paper (item 107890) for only $16.95 (a $19.95 value).
What even better is you can order as many as you want. Look out for my November newsletter for a class which will feature this paper. For more info contact me at my email address.

Thoughts on cakes!!!!!

Just a thought I had coming home today from work following a conversation with Andrea (a fellow sensory chick), about collecting cookbooks!!!!. I have rummaged around and counted 6 kids birthday cake books..... and I am ashamed to admit that I bought this Barbie cake (which Bee choose) at the school gala last night for Bee's birthday. How lazy is that????. I just hope it freezes OK because she's not needed until next Sat.

Wednesday 31 October 2007

Scribble This Scrapbook page

Hello! I couldn't do a scrapbook page for the girls without adding the Scribble set. I am amazed at how short of time it took me to do this one! Mind you, I had a little help from Sally, picking colours out about 6 weeks ago!!! And using the Stampin' Up! stamp set just seemed to tie into everything.

We are on a count down.... 8 nights to sleep until Bee starts school, and I type this with a big grin on my face, (I would be clapping my hands also if I could!!!). I am going to sign off, get the kids inside soon for a bath, book reading, bed and then hopefully I will have enough time to stamp tonight. Catch you later. Trace

Monday 29 October 2007

The girls!!!!

Can you believe it... 10 more sleeps and my ragamuffin starts school!!! I am still deciding if I should be sad that the time has come or take pity on her teacher! Anyway, I am taking a few days off work to settle her into her new routine. Soooo you know what that means.... if the weather is crappy, I will be doing 6 hour stints of stamping (of course the housework will come first wink,wink). Hopefully I will have some new stamp sets to play with out of the new summer mini.
Best I get some sleep myself. Hey by the way... you girls are quite out there... you can leave comments occasionally and make me feel I am not alone!

Sunday 28 October 2007

In full Bloom

Another weekend has passed by. And what a summer day it was today. I managed to steel half an hour between classes out in the sun. If anyone hasn't checkout Lou's blog yet, go check it out and look at her map!
I had a busy weekend again, Sat morning teaching my 8yr old how to speed shop for clothes!!! and I must say she did her mum proud!!! although my plastic card was getting rather warm by the end of it.! LOL. Then had to be home by 1pm to meet a group of ladies to help make 70 wedding invites. Then onto today... I really enjoyed doing two cards instead of the 10 I have been doing lately. And what makes it better is everybody else loving what they are doing. We did crayon resist for todays class. Here is one of the cards they did. Have a great week.

Thursday 18 October 2007

Scribble This

This Stampin' Up! set has to be one of my favorites at the moment. There's nothing better than when the house is quiet at night with everyone in bed, I can then get my goodies out and create. Although for some reason I have a 8yr old looking over my shoulder as I am writing this reading everything I am saying!!!!
I am so looking forward to the long weekend. I might even get stuck into my craft room and give it a good clean and change around... that's if the weather is crappy and I have no unexpected visitors ... otherwise I have a date with the weeds growing in my neglected garden!!!!
Time to get lunches ready for tomorrow... until next time...

Tuesday 16 October 2007

OSW - Christmas cards

As promised, a photo on what has been keeping me so busy!!! We had a full weekend doing these xmas cards. Lou and her hubby even came from Dannevirke... it was awesome to spend time with her. Between school visits with my youngest, full time work and Stampin' Up!, I really dont think there is enough time in the day. To top it off... I have a workshop planned for Friday night, then onto another busy weekend with a fresh lot of faces to do another stint on xmas cards on Sat and Sun! Phew!!!! Lucky Monday is a Stat Holiday... bit of R&R for this chickie babe!!