Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tagged by Hope

Well I have just been tagged by Hope.

. So now you have to sit through another 7 facts about myself, please try not to nod off!! LOL.
1 - I love watching Gorden Ramsey cooking shows
2 - I love watching Jamie Oliver cooking shows.
3 - Surprise surprise, I can cook!!!!
4 - Favorite holiday destination - Fiji
5 - My little family outing every Sunday morning - Mum and Dads for a seriously good coffee and whatever homemade treats she has made to go with it.
6 - I have two burmese cats - would have more if I could!!
7 - Have climbed to the top of Mount Taranaki.

Now on to the better bit... heres 7 people I have tagged.... Lou, Bree, Melanie, Tara, Joani, Sharlene, Annie

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