Saturday, 8 December 2007

Christmas cards!!!

I have finally managed to knock up a few Christmas cards. I had jokingly said to a few of my friends that they will be receiving Warehouse cards, but I don't think they would let me live that one down!!! Even my hubby had a dig at me the other day saying..."You have a room full of card stock, stamps and gadgets, and you show people how to make nice cards, yet you cant make any cards for Christmas to send away!!!"... As you can imagine... I stated in one of the last posts... I see this as a challenge if my hubby says anything!!!!.
On a different note... has anyone got any suggestions on how to stop my Burmese cats from ripping up my furniture????.. And as I typed this very plea.. I just stopped typing picked up the nearest object (an apple) and hurtled it towards one of the suspects sharpening his claws. Little Miss5 says "Good one mum" LOL


  1. ohhh, hope I'm on the Chrissy card list....greese greese

  2. You will get a couple different ones plus a explosion box full of homemade fudge... If you are lucky it might reach you before xmas!!! LOL