Monday, 3 December 2007

Card winners

I have had the most bizarre afternoon... My girls dance teacher Michelle Glover, decided she was giving the class a break from exam work and taught them how to do "Night Fever".... yes John Travolta comes to mind... as if this wasn't funny enough,,, she then decides to get the parents (most too scared to say no to Michelle) up and dancing the moves too!!! I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed it!.
Also, if you could hear the singing in the background.... I am sure you would get off this blog! Bee has had "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus" on for the last hour, re-running and singing at the top of her voice! Lucky the dogs around here must be tone deaf as the aren't howling YET!!!!

Onto these cards, I ran a little comp. a while ago and there were 3 winners, these two cards were entered by my very talented cousin Marise. Card making definitely runs in the family! Trace M and Trace St were also winners but I have already given theirs back otherwise they would have featured too).

Well must fly, stamping to do, boxes to finish.
Take Care

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