Saturday 31 January 2009

Colour Throwdown 27

First card I have made in a week.. I struggled a bit.. may have lost my mojo!!??

Friday's Blog Candy Winner

Yep, I'm a day late getting this done... and I havent done any cards in the last week to show you all... but hubby on nights tonight, so hopefully will be able to get a few projects finished.

Blog winner for yesterday..... is..... Viv.


I have one more Friday to go for these blog giveaways.. good luck!!

Thursday 29 January 2009

I'm Back

Well I walked in the door about two hours ago...
Whangaparaoa was beautiful, Shakespeare YMCA where we all stayed was definatly not for the light hearted... mozzies at night, spiders in doorway (four I counted) yucky plastic matresses that stick to you cause its so hot, and a room mate that snores louder than any male I know!!! I can ruff it with the best of them, but this just ended up being sleep deprivation at its max!!
As for the conference, we had a lovely lady over from the states talking about leading panels in sensory tasting, how to deal with panels etc, and also had alot ofr other speakers to listen to. There was a good mixture throughout the industries including Lion Nathan, Wine & Grape Industy Centre, Fonterra, and the list goes on.

Best I go and do some washing, might do some cards tomorrow, have a funeral in the morning, but hopefully will have the afternoon to myself.

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Hi 5 layout

Mmmmm not sure on this one.. too bright for my style I think... if I even have a style???? Actually if I recall it wasnt "fun times"... I spent the whole concert running up and down the stairs after Bee!!!

If I had of know then that we were going to see Hi5 playing at Movie World in Australia 2 months after this concert I would have waited until then!!

Oh and no more boring layouts... I will be home tomorrow probably itching to get into my craft room!

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Fur babies

Here are my millon dollar babies.. well not quite... last bill was close to $300... no doubt another will be sent out next month!!!

Monday 26 January 2009

SB Layout - Bee

Yep, I am in NP airport about now (or soon will be), waiting to catch my flight.
Couldnt leave you guys with nothing to look at while I have goon so have pre posted some layouts for you lot to gawk at.
Hopefully it wont be all doom and gloom at conference, maybe even get to work on my lily white legs... Sorry no SU layouts or cards to show until I get back.

Sunday 25 January 2009

SB Layout for Flynn

Finally broke into my baby stash that I bought a week ago.. I had this paper earmarked for one of my girls but it fits in well with Flynn who would have been only a couple weeks old. Once again.. heaps of cutting.
I will be away for next week from Monday, dont know the name of the place, all I know is its 4o minutes north of Auckland for a Sensory workshop/conference. Wont be back until Thursday... So have a great week and hopefully here from you all when I get back.

On a extra added note''' I have figured out how to schedule posts, so have 3 more layout to share over the next few days while Im away... be sure to leave a comment!!!

Baby or no baby???

Well I went to see Jamie yesterday and yep I can safley say (as cute as her new born was) that I had no feelings of having another one!!.. BUT... on the other hand.. I always like them more when they are 4-5 months old... they have a bit more character at that age.
I did however get inspired to start a scrapbook page for Flynn my nephew (who I get to meet at Easter and will be about 4-5 months old!!!!!), so I will get that finished off today and post tonight.

Saturday 24 January 2009

Colour Throwdown 26

Have had an idea rattling in my head for a while about cutting the hearts out of Polka Dot Punches, and making a flower out of them. This is the result.. not really what I thought but hey... cant win them all!!!
Off this morning to cuddle a new born, and see if the urge has worn off to have another. My cut of age for adding to my clan has been and gone... just have that odd feeling now and then!!

Friday 23 January 2009

Bodacious Bouquet and Fridays candy winner

I always go back to my old favourite Bodacious Bouquet if I'm feeling bored with my stamps, it's so easy to use, and find if I'm feeling a bit flat on the stamping side it's calming to be able to cut something out!

I have just had my other trusty helper pull a name out of her ballarina box....
Winner>>>>>>Kylie from Australia...
I have sent you an email requesting your address.. will pop in the mail as soon as I receive.

Hope you all have a great weekend

Thursday 22 January 2009

Cards Vs Scrapbooking?????

My own worst critic is not me but my husband. When I really like a card and show him all I get is a "hmmmph its alright",,, and I go away pissed off wondering why on earth did I bother showing him. Lately I have been showing him scrapbook pages and he loves them... thinks they are heaps better than my card making!!!!...
I personally like making cards better... but enjoy spending money on collecting yummy papers!!!
How about you??? Which do you prefer??

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Criss Cross Embrace Life

One I whipped up last night... Viv putting the pressure on to come up with new posts... Photo not great sorry.. in a rush.....hopefully have another play tonight

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Tissue box for Bailee (couldn't miss her out!!)

When I was doing Cameron's box I had Bee coming in checking up on me every 10 minutes asking where hers was..... lucky for me I had another one (yea right... as if I'd only buy one!!!)... so I told her to go to my stash of cardstock and pick what she wanted... (with a little persuasion on my behalf!!!) Now I have two happy girls.

Monday 19 January 2009

Tissue box for Cameron

I have been sitting on some Daisy Bucket paper since SENZ last year... I love the texture and the prettiness of it, so was just waiting until I had the perfect project.... It's going in Cameron's room, but I so want to keep it for myself!!!!

Saturday 17 January 2009

Taken with Teal Eastern Blooms

I have decided that I pump out great cards when listening to music... I used to have TV on but thats just distracting... Pink Floyd is the best.... I just rock on and stamp without much thought and this card is what happens!

Went to Inglewood with Viv today... needed some "boy" papers and goodies for Flynn's Scrapbook pages.... $150 dollars later...... jeeezz I havent even met my nephew yet and ha's already costing me a fortune!!

Friday 16 January 2009

Blog Award and first blog candy winner.....

Diane AKA 2 Stamp gave me a blog award 'Marie Antoinette'
I think anyone who takes time to visit my blog should be awarded.. but since there are rules here goes....

Rules : Link those who award it, post the award & list 7 other nominees deserving of the award


Now onto the first Friday of my blog candy giveaway....
Winner this Friday is.... Trace....
All other names will stay in Camerons Ballerina box and any peeps that add comments from now until next Friday will get added and drawn on the 23rd

Trace can you please send me your addy so I can get your prize sent to you.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Colour Throwdown 25

Got to use an image that Lou sent me a while ago.. love this little girl.. so cute.

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Eastern Blooms

Here's the second card that I think turned out pretty cool!

Things to do list...

At the moment I am working on a Kaiser tissue box, and have some cool Daisy Bucket paper.. and just when I am getting all enthused.. I run out of Mod Podge...grrrr dont you hate that???..

I just got 144 photos printed of the girls, xmas deco's and my nephew... so need to get to scrapbooking shop to get baby boy bits and pieces... (and mod podge), all I have is flowers!!!

And thats just the start of my list!!!

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Embrace Life

These colours are sooo pretty together that I have done this card with Groovy Guava and done another card with Pumpkin Pie (which you will see tomorrow). Kirsty's blog inspired me with both of these cards.

Monday 12 January 2009

Bodacious Bouquet

I did this card last week and have put off putting it on my blog.. I am not really happy with it.. but oh well it will do.. I think its the colours.. a bit wish washy.

Dont forget my blog candy

Sunday 11 January 2009

Blog Candy

Want some blog candy??? These cute Maya Road Accordion Books have been sitting in my craft room for a while now and its time to have a cleanout.

The rules... simple...

1-leave a comment.. every comment in the next 4 weeks will go into a hat and one of my trusty daughters will pull a name out every Friday night.. the more comments the more chances!!...

2-Spread the word about my candy on your blog

I know its early but heres an Easter card I made last night

Editors Note:
If you have a blog dont forget to leave a link back here for blog candy!!!!

Blog Award

The lovely Karen INKredible Journey past on this neat award to me yesterday.. how cool is that!!! Love Awards and love passing them on to those who deserve them

So I nominate:


These ladies are the ones I visit daily.. so thank you for your inspiration

Saturday 10 January 2009

NZSU challenge

Lou challenged us to make a card using the Sale A Bration sets and Trudi even gave us a sketch to help out... come on NZ Demos... shame on you... support NZSU and stop using it as a blog hopper!!!! Prove Lou wrong!!!!

The great giveaway!!!!

Don't you just love giving things away??? It is my time to give away three gifts to three lovely ladies, who sent cards when dad died, sent Xmas cards and constantly leave comments on my blog. One is Karen, who hopefully this year at SENZ I might finally get to meet. Second is Trudi who started NZSU, who I finally got to meet while dad was up in ICU.. hopefully we can meet again under happier times next time!! These two ladies have some goodies heading their way. And thirdly my wonderful friend and downline Lou... heading your way babe is 101 pages of 12x12 papers.

Thankyou for all your support over the last few months and the great comments you leave behind.. it's nice to know that somebody visits and I arent rambling to myself!!

Friday 9 January 2009

Boatloads of Love

Quick post. had bad headache all today and generally not feeling well. nothing a nap wont fix I am sure. Have something to show you hopefully tomorrow for 3 special readers.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Eastern Blooms and HELP!!!!!!

Quick simple black and white card. Tonight I am going to take up Lou's challenge on NZSU and use a set out of Sale a Bration... watch this space

Ok.. I've put up with it for a year now... it's driving me bonkers.. how do I change my date...??? (today is the 8th) Everytime I post a card it comes up with the day before???? HELP!!!

Wednesday 7 January 2009

For Father

On a roll with these cards at the moment... seem to have turn about.. cards.. then scrapbook, then 3d item!!! Just taken kids to pools to destress after busy day at work... well that didnt work!!! Cameron told me she hates her life because Bee got to sit in the front seat on the way home and we only spent an hour at the pool!!!! ARRRGGGGGG