Monday 29 August 2022

Rose Journal - SOLD


                                    This Chunky Rose Journal measures 21.5 x 14cm and has 5 signatures

Has tucks, tags pockets, hand dyed paper and plenty of writing areas

Made to order


Tuesday 16 August 2022

Peter Rabbit Journals - for sale

 These Journals each measure 21.5 x 13cm and both have 3 signatures

Has tucks, tags pockets, hand dyed paper. Plenty of hidden writing space and pages


BLUE Peter Rabbit

GREEN Peter Rabbit

Saturday 13 August 2022

Faith Pocock - Ollivander Shop from Harry Potter

                                                                        Hi Faith Pocock Fans!!

Have you seen all the cool MDF houses That Faith has? Go check them out in  Faiths shop. They are amazing and such a variety

I was a little intimated when she sent me "Ollivander Shop from Harry Potter

Pretty easy though if you ignore all the other bags that come with it!

4 walls, top and bottom

So once I had an idea in my head I pulled apart.

I found a free picture on clipart that had rows and rows of boxed wands. So I printed and pasted down for the back wall.

Next I glued main body back together

Next I got my trusty Vivid to colour in the windows 

Because I dont own a brick stencil which would have been ideal for this project I decided to get out my Coarse Texture gel and paint all over once I had glued on the pipe work

While this was left to dry over night I picked up the vivid and started to colour all the outside elements

Next morning I picked a colour for building and also selected some pictures to go behind windows.
Below is the finished result

Couldn't have a Harry Potter project without Dobby!

Flags of the 4 houses

Young wizard studying

And lastly a hand in the dark casting a spell

I truly enjoyed making this. Highly recommend any Harry Potter fan to give it a go
Only thing I would change is using a brick stencil.

Until next time

Monday 8 August 2022

Christmas Journals - For Sale

                                                                Soft cover Christmas journals

                                     This Journal measures 23.5 x 16cm and has 1 signature

Has tucks, tags pockets, hand dyed paper, plenty of writing space to store those favorite Christmas recipes, present ideas etc


Red Christmas

Gold Christmas