Monday 4 July 2022

Faith Pocock - Book Nook

 Hi Faith Pocock Fans!!

A parcel arrived on my doorstep a couple weeks ago with some amazing projects to make up.... I wasn't sure which one to start but Faith wanted it for SENZ this year for her book Nook display, oh my this was such fun to put together and if you think this one is great you need to check out all the other Book Nooks over in Faiths shop.

Ready for the "dry" run

Its always important to do this then you know where every piece goes

Now ready for adding texture and paint
I used a container of "Flower Soft" that I have had laying around for years and never used... this was perfect for adding texture to trees

Painted shading to a blue sky

Next I added some texture paste to outside of building and painted grey when dry giving it a stone look
Added the door and shutters

Next I started gluing parts of the house together and joining it to one of the sides
Ohhh and don't forget the couple with their baby!

Lastly the other side, top and back are glued together.

This picture really doesn't do it justice.
If you would like a closer look and are here in NZ - it will be found at SENZ at Faith Pocock stand

Hope I inspired you all to get a book nook - these look amazing between a couple books on a shelf with little fairy lights glowing inside them

Until next time 
Happy Crafting