Friday, 11 June 2021

Faith Pocock - Organiser and Drawer

                                                                      Good morning Faith Pocock Fans

Today I am sharing a solid little desk project from Faith Pocock Studio called Organiser and Drawer

Below is how the project arrived.
As always, place pieces into sections

Firstly I figured out which pieces went together for a "dry" run without glue.

I did the same with the main body

Once I was happy with my paper selection I matched up a paint.
Here I should have run gesso over the MDF first. It would have saved me doing 3 coats of paint.!

Decorated the ends and front sections with some Stamperia paper cut offs with Mod Podge

Then proceeded to glue together in this order.....

The dividers aren't glued into place so can be easily removed if you don't need them

Once all together I touched up the edges with some black ink to tidy up my messy painting

This is now sitting on my desk holding brushed, pens, scissors etc

For my next post I plan on showing you all the projects together. You will see how the keep my work space clean, neat and functional. I can highly recommend all these desk organisers if you are an avid crafter

Until next time 

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Be Arty - Forever my Always

                                                                    Hello Bee Arty Friends

Today I am sharing a set of 3 cards using cutouts from Forever My Always collection

The photos below are quick easy steps to produce a lovely set that is tactile and layered

After cutting the flowers and extra leaves out I played around with placements

I also added placements of words. I wasn't happy with the word or placement in below photo, so in end result it didn't make the cut ! LOL

Then I concentrated on the background layer and once I was happy started layering

Until next time
Happy crafting

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Faith Pocock Studio - Pen and Drawer Holder

                                                                       Morning crafters

I have my second project to share from Faith Pocock Studio called Pen and Drawer Holder

Following my normal process, taking pieces out from bag and sorting them out along with the paper I want to use

Using Mod Podge covering all the drawer fronts

I then glued the drawers together and did a dry run without gluing the main body

Time to start gluing with my trusty Art Glitter Glue

At this stage I also decided to glue paper onto the sides

You can see here... yes I made a mistake and glued the wrong side !!! LOL A few choice words were used at this stage and a glass of wine was had!

The following pictures are the steps at which I glued them

And finally after many attempts its done... this project is definitely not falling apart!

I have chosen a light duck egg blue for the pieces that aren't covered in paper

Finised result... I LOVE it ... And yes, I used second hand books to fussy cut the bird images

I am addicted to all these lovely strage projects... just cant get enough... I will have to get a picture together that shows them all on my desk and show you all one day.

Until next time 
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Bee Arty Spread Your Wings Part 2

                                                                     Hello Bee Arty Fans

I am back to share my second set of cards using Spread Your Wings collection  from Bee Arty

Firstly I selected the Background paper I wanted to use from Spread Your Wings Collection - this was just left scraps I had left over from other projects.

I then mounted onto card stock

Fussy cut the background shapes from Spread Your Wings

And then I coloured and fussy cut flowers from a page called Heart

Once all elements were cut out I then stuck together and below you can see all 3 cards individually

I have really enjoyed using up my scraps for these projects this month and are looking forward to the next project I Have planned using a new stamp release...

Until then
Happy crafting

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Faith Pocock Studio -

Morning crafters

Today I am sharing my next storage solution from Faith Pocock Studio called Large Storage and Paper Organiser

 Warning... this is a very photo heavy post, but hopefully gives you a good idea on the way I assembled it.

As always lay your pieces out, that way you can get an idea on where they fit together


I picked out the easiest part to glue together with Art Glitter Glue which was the 3 x drawers

Then started on main body - laying the back piece on the table I glued in the middle insert the started glueing in the dividers which will hold my journals I am working through

Once all glued I left to the side to dry

I then glued in the drawers dividers, sides and bottom

I placed the drawers on top to add a little weight to project while the glue set

Then I picked out paper and started to cut what I wanted

These were then glued in place with Mod Podge, and also sealed with Mod podge to protect it

Place the draws in and pick out a paint colour to go with the paper

All painted! Now to choose some flowers to fussy cut out of some beautiful New Zealand books found at hospice

All cut

Mod Podged into place

These drawers a BIG! I had fun filling them. Bottom is full of old material, middle is full of stunning lace and top drawer is full of tea dyed dollies

All my journals I am working on,,,,

I am really impressed with this project. So heavy and sturdy. The size makes it very usable to all bits and bobs. The measurements are 11.8in length and height and the width is 9.7in

Until next time 
Happy Crafting