Sunday 27 December 2020

Bee Arty - Trendsetter Tags

                                                               Morning Bee Arty Fans

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, got spoilt with heaps of crafty goodness. Today I have my last DT project of 2020 

In preparation for Christmas and New Year, knowing I have a few days off I decided to do a small order from the Bee Arty Store. I picked out paper from different collections which had cutouts included

So over the next few months Im going to create projects that showcase the range of beautiful paper collection Paige has in her shop

Starting with paper collection Trendsetter created by Michelle Grant which has stunning Purples and Blues

I didn't have any tags on hand, so made my own just using a Manilla folder

Picked out the paper I wanted to tear and glue down with a glue stick

I also wanted to add a bit more interest by adding a music strip, making sure I distressed all the edges first

Finally added the focal point. I repeated this quick, easy but effective process 2 more times which you can see in photos below

                                                                           Second Tag

Third Tag

Quick easy simple project to do over the Christmas break if you manage to get an hour to play.

See you all in the New Year
Happy crafting

Sunday 13 December 2020

Bee Arty - Spread Kindness

                                                             Morning Bee Arty Fans

Woweeee its December!!!! How fast did this year go... in light of 2020 I think this DT card title says it all....

The paper collection I used this time as my background is from Spread Your Wings collection Too add a little more dimension and interest to the background I stamped it with Geo Grunge - which has a cute little Bee on it ;-)

I then added a layer by using metal  die called Honey Comb

I picked out word elements from same collection, and also stamped and fussy cut around the butterfly from the stamps set called New Dawn

The butterfly is coloured with Colour Artist Inks from Bee Arty - Amber, Candy, Paris, Navy

Hope you are all taking a little time out for yourselfs in the busy Christmas period....Until next time... Happy crafting

Saturday 12 December 2020

Faith Pocock - Christmas Tree


Welcome back to my second post for Faith Pocock Designs. 

Todays project is a Christmas Tree - if you haven't tried Faiths MDF projects before and would like to give it a go, I recommend starting off with something like this. There aren't many pieces to figure out, so nice and easy.

Firstly I covered all pieces in black paint,, this was done with a sponge, being careful not to get in the slots where tabs connect

Then I used my finger to apply a little gold rub - got to have some bling in your life!!

Now comes the fun part, as a avid paper hoarder I had fun going through my paper collections for anything Christmas themed that I could use to put in the frames.

Before gluing to tree, I used some white watered down paint for splashes and added some pearl dots

Next I started on the base. Finding matching paper to the pictures, cut all panels out before gluing on.

Glued panels into base 

Push base down onto tabs (adding a touch of Art Glitter glue) and left to dry overnight

In the morning I then slotted the tree into  place

Hope you have enjoyed  this project
I have something a little different planned for my next project in the New Year.

Until then, have a fantastic Christmas with family and friends. See you all in the New Year... 
Happy crafting

Monday 7 December 2020

Faith Pocock Designs - Sleigh and Reindeer


Morning, Welcome to my very first post for Faith Pocock Designs. Over the coming months myself and a bunch of amazingly talented NZ ladies will be showcasing all the wonderful MDF projects Faith has designed and will hopefully get your creative minds and hands itching to give these projects a go.

My first project is of course Christmas themed - Sleigh and Reindeer. I have step by step process I follow, but really there is no right or wrong way, just whatever you find the easiest, but my tip to you is.. if there are different elements in your project, separate them out and work on one at a time.

Presents - I first put one together (no glue) to see how the pieces are put together. Once I was happy I then pulled apart and glued each box with Art Glitter Glue WARNING... once this glue sticks, there is no going back! Alternately if you have Aleene's Tacky Glue, or any other glue this would be great also 

I then used Liquitex Mat Gel to glue down some random paper scraps out of my stash

Added a few details... presents done!

Santa Bag - once again, lay out your pieces, do a "dry run" putting it together

Once happy I glued and covered each element in paper

To finish them off I distressed with Vintage Photo distress Ink

Reindeer - these I sponged one a light coat of paint - I didn't want a smooth finish, but in hindsight I would have sponged the antlers a slightly different colour I think
I worked on one reindeer at a time as not to mix any pieces up.

Then went through the same process as every other element. Unfortunately I got so engrossed in making the Sleigh that I forgot to take pictures!!!! Below was the only photo I got!

Here is a closeup of the Sleigh, presents and Santa bag

To be honest I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this project when I had finished it... but its staying on my benchtop and is going to be filled with Lindt chocolates

Until next time ... Happy crafting