Thursday, 27 December 2007

Double Slider Card

I managed to get another double slider under my belt before I pick the two of the best to do in a class. I'm not that keen on doing these cards, and I'm not really sure that I even like this card... there is too much white space on the front of this card. Oh well I will put this disaster behind me and move on to better (hopefully LOL) things!!!
I have nothing planned this weekend except stamping with the girls (Cameron got from santa a Simply Sent kit for xmas), so her, me and Bailee will be having a bit of girl power fun!!! (Well at least until they start fighting and driving me nuts... should be, shall we say ummm 5 mins into it!!! LOL) Oh well at least I try to be peace maker!!!


  1. I love this card!!! Watercoloring is great!!!

  2. What are you on? This is a great card, not your usual style, but still great.

  3. I think this card is lovely. I like busy cards but I think it's easy to forget that less can be just the right amount!

  4. That's great - I love that stamp set and what you did with it!

  5. Your creation is wonderful. I love this set, it's one I keep going back to.
    Keep up the good work!