Tuesday, 18 December 2007

OK, I give in!!! Here are 10 random's for the SBS6

1 - I am a sensory cheese taster.
2 - Despite I taste cheese everyday... I still like cheese.. just a little more selective than other people!
3 - Daughter no. 1 - Cameron the ballerina princess 8yrs who at this age even cries during a cartoon movie!!! A real softy.
4 - Daughter no. 2 Bailee, or Bee for short. 5yrs - Rottweiler in nature, picks on her older sister and have only just 1/2 hour ago read her last school report "Loud and boisterous", although to be fair... I did warn her teacher!!!
5 - Have been card making for a few years, scrap booking for a few months. Totally addicted.
6 - Getting hair cut and colored tomorrow, hubby wants me to go blonde - so I will go dark. LOL
7 - I used to ride racehorses for a living when I left school
8 - I got married in Fiji, and plan on taking the girls there next year.
9 - Mmmm this is hard, how interesting can one person be???
10 - As organised as I like to be... my craft room is a mess again and I still haven't finished of the Christmas shopping!!!

Thats all folks!!!


  1. Hi there from a fellow Sistah! Looking forward to reading your blog more often! :0)

  2. Welcome!! Love your work!

  3. Great to get to "know" you better! Thanks for sharing...

    Mindy SBS6

  4. Hey sistah! Can't wait to drop by again to see more. Your cards are gorgeous!


  5. What is it about men and blondes? My husband has been trying for two years to get me to go blonde! Thats why i'm a redhead!

  6. Cute 10!
    I agree with Richard, you look good blonde!
    Your card's in the mail.

  7. Nice getting to meet you, my new blogging sister. I really enjoyed your site and will be back to visit again after the holidays. Warm Chrismas Greetings from Florida, USA
    Rubber Hugs,
    Jan Marie


    just a reminder I have a 12 days of christmas blog candy up. just a card but thought it would be fun.