Sunday 28 October 2007

In full Bloom

Another weekend has passed by. And what a summer day it was today. I managed to steel half an hour between classes out in the sun. If anyone hasn't checkout Lou's blog yet, go check it out and look at her map!
I had a busy weekend again, Sat morning teaching my 8yr old how to speed shop for clothes!!! and I must say she did her mum proud!!! although my plastic card was getting rather warm by the end of it.! LOL. Then had to be home by 1pm to meet a group of ladies to help make 70 wedding invites. Then onto today... I really enjoyed doing two cards instead of the 10 I have been doing lately. And what makes it better is everybody else loving what they are doing. We did crayon resist for todays class. Here is one of the cards they did. Have a great week.

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