Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bundle of Joy

I know I haven't posted for a few days... well not SU cards anyway! The guilts were getting to me.. so here is a couple cards that I put together (rather fastley ... if that is even a word!). Not the best of photos, I also have velum over the stamped image, that doesnt help... but as always (and you hear this in most blogs) it looks great in real life!

My Easter weekend away.... awesome, although I am slightly jaded now. Thursday night had a wonderful friend who never stops talking from Canada come and stay (sorry Mary) late night. Friday met up with Lou in Wanganui, stamped and scrapbooked another late night but well worth it... would have had more sleep if the idoits next door at motel didnt party. Saturday - stayed with a long time friend Janine (check out eyephoto at side of blog), watched some chick flicks another late night!!! And last but not least.. Sunday and Monday night... hubby on night shift... don't sleep well when he's not here... hence I am off to bed very soon!!

If you are still reading this after my novel... good on ya mate!!!! Oh god now I'm sounding Australian.. (Sorry Melanie SBS6)


  1. so another late night?

    cute card

  2. Oh... no more late nights for this chicky babe!!!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Loving that Bundle of Joy is coming into the new catty huh??
    Michelle H

  4. lovely cards, that;s a great SU set

    Tara x

  5. LOL, Is my accent starting to wear off LOL, great cards.