Tuesday 24 February 2009

On the hunt.........

Do you all know how hard it is to get a strapless (or halterneck bra) if you have anything bigger than C cup????. It's doing my head in!!! The market in NZ is really slack. If any of you NZ readers know of any place that sells such an elusive bra then can you leave a comment! I have till May to find one but will most likely have a dress fitting for the wedding in April.

On to the card.. another CTD challenge.


  1. My trick for the bra is to use plaster - the stuff you use for strapping sprained ankles & place under breast & pull up & attach to side of breast - does work - trick I read models used & I used to have a favourite backless dress when younger (much younger I might add) & used this technique

    love the card BTW xox

  2. LOL... I have big boobs.... Might need a few rolls!!!!

  3. Ezibuy Trace - $49.95 if I remember rightly. Comes with removeable straps that are also clear so they can be taken off and used strapless.

  4. Sara range at ezibuy - look online at their website, or goggle avokado - lingerie for large breasts and it is NZ.