Monday 8 February 2010

Another woven easter basket!

Wow, talk about a stressful few days... my computer decided it didn't like PCP anymore and refused to let me do anything in it and didn't even look remotely like my beloved PCP screen. Stressful you ask??? because I have made so many great blogging friends on the groups I have joined that my hubby now watches TV in peace!!!

Anyway enough of my rambling.... what do you think of this most awesomest (is there such a word) image??? Of course its another Cheryl Alger image... and where can you buy it.. at Sassy Cheryls of course... BUT WAIT.... there's more... if you head over there now for the Super Bowl Snowed day and you will get 25% off everything in store!!! What are you waiting for..... geeezzz what a long


  1. Yay! You're back online! Miss us all?
    Love this there aren't any eggs left in the basket! Will get around to your place with stamps soon...promise!

  2. This is wonderful!!! Love the basket!

  3. Gorgeous basket. Love the rabbit!