Sunday, 26 September 2010

Seems all very complicated

Well as you now know, my modem has been fried. I have a severe case of internet withdrawls, so bought myself a T stick, that will allow me to go online, receive emails, but because it is not with my server, I can't send out emails. gggrrrrrr.
So Deb .. if you are reading this can you flick me area codes with your number... I hear you have been up to secret stuff!!!!!

I am waiting for modem to be sent to me (hopefully in next few days) and also at the same time changing providers... so will send email out once fully up and running with new email address.

What have I been doing....... nothing... cause I am sulking and cant get motivated LOL and missing all you guys!!!

Might have a play later and see if I can upload with my T stick and show you a card!


  1. That really has to be aggravating!! I can't even imagine =(

    I know you will find you your way back to us all soon!


  2. Nothing and watching Vampire Diaries! At least you've got something to do now Trace!

  3. So pleased your back, don't forget to send me your new email addy. I hope you manage to post a card with your new t stick hugs Jill x

  4. From someone who has huge internet issues, I totally sympathise. Lets hope that your's all work out soon.