Thursday 22 November 2012

Molly the duck hunter!

Long day today... great to come home to this little one... I have half an hour to start a project for Artfull Crafts Christmas Countdown.. so hopefully fingers crossed I will be back on track tomorrow night to make up for my lack of crafting
Molly eyeing up her duck!
Slowly sneaking up on it....,



  1. Wow look how fluffy she is!!! Phantom is the same after his bath. Isn't she a little love. You are doing well with her Tracy... (((HUGS)))

  2. She reached her goal, getting the duck LOL, lovely pictures, TFS, hugs, Marion

  3. Oh Molly, you are a tough dog allright...LOL. (As long as you don't realise you can actually pull the stuffing out of that duck okay!)

  4. How gorgeous. Lovely to see Molly so happy
    Mary H