Tuesday 26 November 2019

Its a Meljen Christmas - Day1

 (Image Meljen - Caroling Snowmen. Paper - MME - All is bright)

Confession time.... I make cards.... then cards sit in a box... never to be seen again... yes that's right!!! I NEVER send cards out.
 So this month is going to be different. I have sent a few random cards out... just to say hi, then this happened.... I received a card.... a STORE bought card.... from a very talented New Zealand card maker!!!! OH YES..... you read right!!!!!

(Image Meljen - Cocoa Christmas Fairy. Paper - MME - All is bright)

So after sending a quick txt  saying thanks got your card,,,, I must be rubbing off on you.... and a few other words I cant repeat, I promptly sat down with new determination to whip up some Christmas cards to send out this week!!!!

(Image Meljen - Cozy Winter Owl. Paper - MME - All is bright)
And so it becomes .... 4 blogging days of Christmas cards. I'm sure the lucky ... or unlucky (depending if you like handmade cards) recipients will enjoy seeing their cards on here when they get them in the post next week ;-)

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