Thursday 24 April 2008

Bundle of Joy

Well another day of successful shopping. My eldest daughter is well equipped with clothes for the winter. I myself have decided that I am a paper addict. Yes I hang my head in shame, I know there are worse addictions than that, but honestly, if you all saw how many beautiful pieces of 12x12 paper I have for a rainy day, you would all be horrified!! I just can't stop myself!! The little voice that is nagging to me every time I buy more is saying "But you are a stamper by nature, not a scrapper, you have enough to open a store"... Needless to say I ignore that voice. But I did learn one thing today... not to take anytime off during the school holidays... it has cost me a small fortune!!


  1. I know exactly how you feel, I desparately need new sneakers and shoes for work but I just used that money to pay for my latest SU order! Now, I do love shoes too, but sneakers and work shoes don't count.

    By the way, love your card.

  2. This card is just awesome! I love that giraffe! You did a wonderful job!

  3. Well,'re not alone out there!!! I confess also to being not only an addict but also a hoarder...I just want to save it & look at it!!!
    PS: Your baby cards are very cute, I love the color combo!