Saturday 12 April 2008

Lou's image

Sorry, but I had to sneak this non SU stamp in. It was an image that my wonderful Lou stamped off for me. Lou is the one person who is worse than me that I know who spends $$$$ on stamp sets. I love getting goodies like this that I can color in.

I was on a roll last night while watching TV in my craft room... yes... the hubby has set a TV up in there for me... mmmm all I need is a bed!! LOL.


  1. Ha ha, what a compliment!!!!
    It's all come to a grinding halt now, we need a new fridge,lol.
    Seriously I hope Andrew doesn't read this.

  2. oh what a great little boys card, that is a lovely stamp

    Tara x

  3. Very cute, Tracy! I know what you mean about a TV in the craft room....then I would only come out to eat & go to know where!