Friday 4 November 2011

My horrible day!

OK, so I have to share this... I needed a tooth pulled today... so off I go to the dentist who happens to be on the second floor.. you head up the steps and at the top turn right to the massage parlour (where massage is the last thing on men's minds.. never did get why its called that!) or turn left to the dum dum dum.... dentist!~

So while I'm sitting in the waiting room, gazing out the window... listening to the poor sod in the next room get the drill, feeling uncomfortable wishing I had of gone to the toilet just one more time .... I see Viv!!! VIV I felt like yelling.. look up... and come up and save me.. or at least hold me down and stop me from running out the door!.... and then I see my cousin Marise, who has a fear reeking out of her pores just thinking of the dentist..(mmm must run in the family).

But alas... my time had come.... it was like walking the green mile (if you have seen that movie). Finally in the chair, tray whipped in front of me... no escape now.... out comes the needle as big as my forearm.. I kid you not!!!! ouch ouch.... then next thing out comes the pliers (probably a proper name for these,,, but hell it does the same thing) ... guess what.. that damn tooth broke at the gum line....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. so 10 minutes of drilling the tooth out of the gum, blood splatter on my forehead, I am now home, still shaking with fear, and knowing that when this friggin injection wears off I am going to be in a shit load of pain.

Right.. if you have read through all of this.. well done. I applaud you. I am hoping the codine (oh yeah baby) will put me in a happy place and I might try and see if I can create a card.. but most likely it will just knock me out!


  1. Oh Trace, that just sucks. You have my deepest sympathies - here's hoping that the codeine does knock you out, so at least you aren't suffering for the night. Here's wishing you a super speedy recovery.

  2. Oooooh, you poor baby!!! How freekin awful. I HATE dentists too, can't stand the smell of the place. Hope you aren't in too much pain hun, take it easy!!
    Teri xx

  3. How's the blood splatter and crater in your jaw now? Hungry? Sore? Shouldn't go to a butcher Trace!

  4. Oh Tracy, I sure hope you are feeling better soon. I think everyone hates the dentist. Poor thing... big cyber ((hugs)). ~jeni :)

  5. Oh, no Tracy...what a horrible story!!! LOL I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you. Maybe you should have detoured to the 'massage' parlor and gotten all relaxed after??? Maybe not? Maybe switch to a dentist without a massage parlor next door too....hehe