Tuesday 4 June 2013

Another Wee stamp

Hello!! I have taken today off work to have all to myself, it's 8.42am, washing done, dishwasher unloaded, Cam dropped off at bus to head back up to boarding school, banana cake and choc chip biscuits made.... and.... duh... Bee staying home, she is coughing and spluttering... there goes my peaceful day. Oh well.. I'll tuck her up in front of TV with a hot water bottle... she'll fall asleep again soon.

So, I am no better off in the decision making I had to do yesterday. But I do have another card to show you! Yep another Wee Stamp. This one is called Amy. I actually have about 3 more to colour, so might do that today... or start a page on  my Project Life that seems to be getting neglected.
Hope you all have a great week... might pop back later to share some more cards.


  1. Adorable, gorgeous card, what pretty colours.

  2. i love it... especially that hair! your coloring is gorgeous!

    hugs :)