Saturday 1 June 2013

New hobby....*sigh* paverpol

Ok... so I had a date with my hubby yesterday.... kids at school... so off we went on a road trip to a craft fair.... which is where I got introduced to Paverpol... hubby made me take (more like forced) a class... by myself with the instructor.... and  now have the bug.... big time. I'm going to attempt to sculpt a figure next.. can't wait.... here's some more images to give you an idea on the amazing things you can do. Oh and I showed my cousin today...... and she wants me to do a class!!!! *shudder*... But then again... I am only on a few Design teams now and have too much time on my hands... dangerous!!!
 So here's a couple of close ups.....

I added the key from Papervine today and rubbed gold over the whole project
Ok so that's my exciting news... and here is what very little else I did today...
Watched Cameron get her very first steaks - red!!!
And then cuppa with Marise while Cam looked after Lahny
Must be due to post a card tomorrow... so until then...Bye ;-)



  1. Wow!!! Never heard of Paverol but I think I need to learn more! This is so gorgeous,clever girlie! Wonder if they sponsor lol!

  2. You are so clever and arty, paverpol is definitely your thing, looks awesome xx.